Writing with Confidence 101

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Throughout my years of writing experience, the number one thing holding people back from writing and pursuing their goals is lack of confidence.

Either, people were not taught to be confident writers in school or we literally don’t write enough in our everyday lives to gain the confidence needed to pursue our dreams.

Why is writing with confidence important anyways?

Strong writing reaches your readers, customers and business associates

Your words matter to create the message you want

Sloppy writing is a turn off (Example: People unsubscribe from emails if there’s more than one typo in the text.)

Great writing will transcend your message above others

Do you question whether your words are good enough for sharing?

Transform your writing from a hated experience to a joyful one - every time you pick up a pen or open your laptop.

Gain the writing confidence you need to start a blog, begin freelance writing, become an entrepreneur, work from home, or communicate regularly with your email subscribers.

I know you hold a story worth sharing. The time is now to write and share.

My “Writing with Confidence 101” free course will help you share your words with your audience.

It’s 5 weeks of lessons, action steps, and worksheets delivered right to your inbox. Every week you work on one lesson and its corresponding homework.

With a goal tracking planner, a weekly writing planner, and more you’ll work towards bettering yourself as a writer and entrepreneur.

Don’t let fear or lack of confidence hold you back from sharing your story.

Become a confident writer today, and sign up!

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    • Take the next step to confidently share your words.
    • Gain a larger audience with better writing.
    • Figure out your writing purpose, goals and plan to pursue your dreams.
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